Our publishing firm was borne out of a love for books, more specifically old ones. All members of our team have been affiliated with the rare book trade in one form or another before coming to CBP. We've seen hundreds of thousands and know that 95% of them weren't worthy of the paper on which they were printed. The remaining 5%, though, are books that were marketable and useful when they were first published....and are marketable and useful today. Fortunately for us, a good number of Texas history books fall into that slim margin.

After years in the rare book business, we tired of seeing these useful books, especially valuable bits of Texas history, remain unavailable for decades. So we decided to bring them back. All books that we publish are designed by folks who know about book design and who are also passionate about all things Texana. We are very selective in what we choose to bring to the market and even more selective in how we choose to present our publications.

Finally, a note on the logo. If you've never fished on, birded around or simply wondered at the beauty of the most handsome bay in Texas (Copano Bay, of course), you are perhaps unfamiliar with the windswept oak trees along our shorelines. That "thing" in our logo seeks to be a representation of one of our "leaning" live oaks. Some people think it looks like a couple of dolphins playing leapfrog with an upside-down Portuguese man-o-war. The truth is, it doesn't matter how you interpret it - so long as you remember it.