The Soldiers of San Jacinto by J. B. McDonald - Personalized LIMITED EDITION, Such Agreeable Savages, personalized
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Price 89.95

Written in 1922 and published here for the first time in book form, this biographical dictionary of 877 of the soldiers of San Jacinto successfully debunks the long-standing myth that those who fought were land-seeking Americans, rather than Texian colonists.

Such Agreeable Savages, by Mrs. Matilda Charlotte Houstoun. Hand-numbered limited edition with personalized dust jacket. 314 pages. Limited to 254 copies.

The Alamo Defenders by Amelia W. Williams LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT - "Contents Under Pressure"
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The Alamo Defenders by Amelia W. Williams. An unromanticized account of who died at the Alamo, politics during the Revolution, a day-by-day account of the siege and more, drawn from primary documents. 186 pages. Hardcover trade edition.
"Contents Under Pressure - Humble Field, 1905"
LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT - 254 hand-numbered copies.
18"x24" Giclee art print on old-world style heavyweight cold-pressed watercolor paper.
Limited Edition Map - Greenleaf's Texas in 1840 Limited Edition Map - Mitchell-Young's Republic of Texas in 1836
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Price 89.95
Limited Edition 1840 Map of Texas by Jeremiah stunningly colorful view of the Republic that will make you do a double-take. 20.5"x24". Hand-numbered, limited to 254 copies.
Limited Edition 1836 Mitchell-Young Map of Texas...the map of choice for emigrants to Texas during the Republic era. 24"x20.25". Hand-numbered, limited to 254 copies.