The Alamo Defenders by Amelia W. Williams True Stories of Old Houston and Houstonians by Dr. S.O. Young
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The Alamo Defenders by Amelia W. Williams. An unromanticized account of who died at the Alamo, politics during the Revolution, a day-by-day account of the siege and more, drawn from primary documents. 186 pages. Hardcover trade edition.
Trade Edition hardcover. Dr. Young's Houston classic, originally published in 1913, lets us know what it was like to come of age in 19th century Houston...all of the prominent men, average Joes and everyone in between...This is the human history of Houston. 291 pages. Hardcover.
Texas by Ferdinand Roemer, + fold-out map Limited Edition Map - Spindletop Field - 1901
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Texas by Ferdinand Roemer with folding facsimile Roemer map laid in. 275 pages.

Limited Edition 1901 Map of the Spindletop Field...the Texas Oil Boom in its infancy, so to speak. 21.5 by 14 inches. Hand-numbered, limited to 254 copies.
Collection of 8 Limited Edition Oil Field Prints Texas Oil & Gas Since 1543 by C. A. Warner
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Bundle of all 8 Limited Edition oil field art prints currently available in the Warner Memorial Series.
The most comprehensive & sought-after history of the petroleum industry in Texas, back in print after over 65 years with previously unpublished material added. Hardcover in striking black dust jacket. 512 pages.